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Always I have presumed to be a great admirer and during some years breeder of the Boxer breed, but it is lamentable that I never gave to myself the opportunity to be present at the Boxer Specialties Shows held  in different States of the Country, which undoubtedly were excellent … fatal mistake. To the  breeders and exhibitors please forgive the emotional of my following commentaries.


It is not the same the three Musketeers that twenty years later. It is not the same thing to judge in an All Breed Show ten or twenty specimens, that to admire the wonderful presence of  95 Boxers.


Last February 26 and 27, in Toluca, State of Mexico, I was present together with my wife (actually she was the breeder) at the first Great Specialty Show of the Boxer Breed organized by the Azteca Boxer Club A.C..


I lived two magical days, enjoying in its entirety these two brilliant shows. The organization, Judges, exhibitors and specimens  were great.

The event was held at the Hotel Real Hacienda ,it was a very suitable and comfortable place , with wide space for the exhibitors with their dogs, parking, a great ballroom  that was the ring, with good ilumination and ventilation, with restaurant and sanitary services in the same site. The beginning of the show was precise and ordered  supported by excellent Ring Stewards  Rosa Maria Vázquez and Adriana Contreras, beautiful allusive trophies to the Breed  and impeccable organization.



For the First Specialty Show of the Azteca Boxer Club A.C., the invited judges were of luxury:  Dr. Theodore Fickes, mythical breeder of Boxers for over fifty years, four consecutive generations of winning females of the coveted prize  Best Brood Bitch of the American Boxer Club, breeder and owner of Ch.  Arriba's Prima Donna, the only female Boxer in earning Best In Show at the prestigious  Westminster Kennel Club, and Mr John Connolly President of the American Boxer Club, breeder of 58 Champion Boxers, 5 Sire Of Merit  and 3 Dam Of Merit,  professional handler, judge, who in three different occasions has judged the National Specialty Show  of the American Boxer Club, of which is a life member.



As you can  realize, two different styles, it was a pleasure to see both  judge, there were much  to learn, they were judges who left their fingerprints.

The common objectives and hard work of the Club’s members  was the formula to made so successful Specialties Shows.


Breeders and exhibitors of different states from the country met in Toluca, to compete with dignity. The crowd was undoubtedly the third participant, since they supported with much enthusiasm to each one of the competitors.



On Sunday, finished the event, Mr. Connolly commented to me that in his long career judging Boxers had not found such a warm and enthusiastic public as the Mexican. In the Best of Breed , every dog that was moving, the applauses, cheers and bravos were deafening: he went away happy.



On that I can comment of the entered Boxers … .. simply of reminding them I get excited. Gentlemen Breeders: Hopefully I see that you are reaching the goal of breeding quality Boxers. For example the beautiful population of Females, base of the Breed, and excellent males. There are imported Boxers that used judiciously will leave seed that will support a level of high quality in the Boxer.



The fans, that for over thirty years we dream of having a great quantity of Boxers, improve the Breed and to organize excellent Specialty Shows, we see with great joy that the new generations are doing a very responsible work. With all respect and deep gratefulness I congratulate them.




*Article kindly provided for the Web Site of the Azteca Boxer Club A.C. by  Mr. Jose Luis Garcia prestigious Judge and life time member of Federacion Canofila Mexicana.

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