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This Code of Ethics written by the Azteca Boxer Club, it is elaborated in agreement by the existing codes of ethics in several clubes of other countries.

  • The members will breed only  those dogs free of genetic serious faults and that they find healthy considering seriously the quality, type, conformation and that should be free of known disqualifying faults according to FCI Standard such as monorchids and/or Boxers with white markings that exceed one-third of the ground colour.


  • Our main purpose will  be  the  improving of  the breed, looking to produce better Boxers and not  as a commercial venture


  • When choosing a  Boxer for breeding the member must take in to consideration that Temperament is a basic quality in The Boxer.


  • The owner of a Stud Dog would have to be careful at the moment of breeding females who do not assemble the conditions above mentioned.


  • Members should complete a stud dog contract to be signed by both parties before the mating takes place. The contract shall include all conditions stated.


     Any bitch accepted for stud service should be at least eighteen months old at the moment of breeding in good health, free from communicable diseases and disqualifying faults and should not be breed more than once a year.



  • The bitch must be accompanied by a current Veterinarian's certificate stating that she is free of Canine Brucellosis.


  • The Owner of the Stud Dog must  Provide the visiting bitch with appropriate housing, food and health care during the time the bitch stay with him for breeding purposes.


  • Each bitch must be bred only to the stud dog specified by his/her owner. A change of stud dog is only permitted with the express consent of the owner of the bitch and should be included as an amendment to the Stud Contract.


  • The owner of the Stud Dog will not sign a litter registration application which includes in the count any puppies with a color disqualification or Monorchids


  • Breeders will keep accurate breeding papers, pedigrees and contracts..


  • Breeders should encourage the X-raying,certifying of hips, as well as other tests that can determinate  conditions which would affect the health of their dogs or the offspring of same.


  • Breeders should register all their puppies at Federacion Canofila Mexicana.


  • Provide the new owner with a health record, including shots given, diet and care information.


  • Endeavour to help the new owners in every reasonable way.


  • Help educate the public on the standard of the breed and care of the Boxer in areas where they are qualified.


  • Not sell Boxers to a pet store, puppy millers or commercial kennel.


  • Participate, whether they be exhibitors, handlers, judges or assistants, in dog shows, trials and other events with honesty, fairness and integrity ever mindful of the practice of good sportsmanship.


  • The members will have supreme care at the moment of proposing a new member, not doing it if the person is not known thoroughly