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The Azteca Boxer Club A.C. was founded in the year 2004 in the City of Toluca, State of Mexico, with a group of breeders and enthusiasts of the Breed  meet the aim to promote, improve and spread the qualities and attributes of this beautiful Breed: The Boxer.






To achieve that the breeding of the Boxer in Mexico is recognized worldwide by the high quality of it's specimens, supporting a balance both in Conformation and in Temperament and that the above mentioned quality has a process of constant improvement.








To do conscience to the members and breeders to accept and to know thoroughly the Standard of the Breed  with the main purpose of produce better Boxer of pure breed.









To promote the quality in Boxer's breeding of pure Breed, always trying to improve the qualities of the specimens.



Organize conferences given by experts Breeders as well as experienced Judges of the Boxer Breed in Mexico and abroad  to update the interpretation of the Standard as well as  provide advices to us and share their experiences for the improvement of The Boxer in Mexico.



To develop and to support programs of recognitions (annual prizes) that they motivate to the competition and good sportmanship and to the protection and breeding of better Boxers.



To organize  Specialty Shows , as well as Temperament Test and Obedience for the Boxer following the bylaws established by the Federation Canófila Mexicana.



To initiate educational programs and to promote activities that stimulate the public interest for the breeding of the Boxer in Mexico.



Follow the rules  and Code of Ethics of the Azteca Boxer Club as well of the Federacion Canófila Mexicana.