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Later you will find a list of excellent books about many topics of The Boxer:
Boxers for Dummies
Richard Beauchamp
ISBN - 0764552856
Publisher - Hungry Minds Inc
Dr. Ackerman's Book of the Boxer
Lowell Ackerman
ISBN - 0793825547
Publisher - TFH Publications
Guide to Owning a Boxer
Patti Rutledge
ISBN - 0793818613
Publisher - TFH Publications

Anna Katherine Nicholas
ISBN - 0866220283
Publisher - TFH Publications
Stephanie Abraham
ISBN - 0876053940
Publisher - Simon & Schuster
The Boxer: Family Favourite
Stephanie Abraham
ISBN - 1582451273
Publisher - Howell Reference Books
Tim Hutchings
ISBN - 1860540546
Publisher - RingPress Books Ltd
The World of the Boxer
Richard Tomita
ISBN - 0793804655
Publisher - TFH Publications 

Later you will find a list of the most important magazines of The Boxer, worldwide:
Boxer Quarterly
The Boxer Review
The Boxer Ring